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SERVQUALService Quality
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The proposition was almost identical to that of SERVQUAL except that it did not feature repetition of items
The most widely used and the most functional measure of service quality which has been validated in a variety of service settings is SERVQUAL Parasuraman et al.
We sought to measure the service quality gap using a modified version of the SERVQUAL tool from the consumer (patient)'s perspective in tertiary care teaching hospitals in Pakistan.
2005), many generic service quality models, such as SERVQUAL, Brady and Cronin (2001) model, and Rust and Oliver (1994) model, all these models, do not have the program factor as these generic models were not designed specifically for the sports or health industry.
The predominant quantitative measurement technique is the SERVQUAL instrument (Markovic, Raspor, & Segario, 2012), which measures quality basing on the gap between guests' expectations and perceptions.
1995) es una escala basada directamente en las dimensiones del SERVQUAL (Parasuraman et al.
The validity of the SERVQUAL and SERVPERF scales: A meta-analytic view of 17 years of research across five continents.
For measuring the research main variables, 35 questions were formulated through the integration of two questionnaires of measuring the SERVQUAL service quality (Parasuraman et al.
The model SERVQUAL is based on analysis of gap between the "expectations of the customers" and "perceived service quality".
SERVQUAL and SERVPERF: a review of measures in services marketing research, Global Journal of Management and Business Research Marketing 13(6): 64-76.
SERVQUAL instrument was used to measure the reliability and cronbach alpha was calculated to measure the reliability and validity of the instrument.