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SERVQUALService Quality
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Based on Table 1 it was obtained that the Indicators that have the highest average score on the servqual construct is responsiveness indicator that is equal to 3.74.
Customer perception of services based on the SERVQUAL dimensions: A study of Indian commercial banks.
The SERVQUAL scale (Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry, 1985; 1988) is the most known and researched scale that concerns service quality and focuses on the human interactions during the service delivery (Ganguli and Roy, 2010).
Naik CNK, Gantasala SB, Prabhakar BV (2010) Service quality (servqual) and its effect on customer satisfaction in retailing.
Headley and Miller (1993) concluded that significant relationships exist between SERVQUAL measures and the intent to repurchase, compliment, complain, recommend, switch, and not use medical services.
(1988), "SERVQUAL: a multiple-item scale for measuring consumer perceptions of service quality", Journal of Retailing, 64 (spring), 12-37.
El primer estudio con el cual se valido el modelo Servqual en los servicios de salud fue el llamado Adapting the Servqual scale to Hospital Services: An Empirical Investigation, publicado en 1991.
The tool used for the study was a modified version of SERVQUAL model which investigates the expectations and perceptions of patients by measuring the service quality gap.
Service Quality and Servqual Applications in Tourism Enterprises.
The most widely used and the most functional measure of service quality which has been validated in a variety of service settings is SERVQUAL Parasuraman et al.
For companies that offer, multiple services, the management can use SERVQUAL to assess if any unit has poor service quality (indicated by a low score).