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SERVQUALService Quality
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Patience Simmonds and Syed Saad Andaleeb of Pennsylvania State University, Erie, describe their own attempt to use SERVQUAL dimensions to predict and explain the use of physical library facilities in an era of rapidly expanding electronic access.
The SERVQUAL instrument has been tested and is generally accepted and frequently used by researchers today (see Babakus & Boller, 1992; Carman, 1990).
The SERVQUAL scale was developed based on a marketing perspective with the support of the Marketing Science Institute (Parasurman, Zeithaml, and Berry 1986).
Testing the SERVQUAL scale in the passenger port industry: a confirmatory study, Maritime Policy & Management: The Flagship Journal of International Shipping and Port Research 35(5): 449-467.
In this study, the user expectations and their perceptions of quality of resources and services in their library was measured by using SERVQUAL instrument.
Some researchers applied SERVQUAL concepts to measure internal service quality.
Traditionally, SERVQUAL model is used to measure service quality, therefore applying SERVPERF model is quite new in service quality measurement in Vietnam.
This is quite similar to SERVQUAL and was developed by Cronin and Taylor (1992) in response to the difficulties that respondents encountered in the use of the SERVQUAL method.
Applying SERVQUAL to websites: An exploratory study.
When discussing service quality from a relationship-based context, the SERVQUAL instrument by Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry (1988) should also be considered.
Referring to these characteristics, the SERVQUAL model proposed by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (1998) is suitable for measuring the construct.
1999) adapted the SERVQUAL dimensions (Parasura man, Zeithaml & Berry, 1985, 1988) for measuring logistics service performance (LSP).