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SESAMSchool of Environmental Science and Management (University of the Philippines Los Baños College)
SESAMSecurity Enhanced System for Access Management
SESAMSemiconductor Saturable Absorber Mirror
SESAMSustainable Energy Systems and Management (Flensburg, Germany)
SESAMSoftware Engineering Simulation by Animated Models (educational tool)
SESAMSecurity Enhanced System for Access Management (informatics, University of Hamburg)
SESAMSpeech Enabled Storz Communication Bus Module
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The UAE is on the map in various areas, I won't be surprised to see it topping the world in offering and maintaining high quality environmental standards for the well-being of all.C[yen]Commenting on the importance of this two-day workshop, Boris Ritter, General Manager of Sesam Business Consultants, said, C[pounds sterling]The great demand for a LEED workshop that we received during our first Dubai Green Conference last February led us to put together this initiative.
Complementing the objectives of the 'Water Days' event, organizers Enpark and Sesam earlier organised 'Solar Days' focusing on renewable energy systems.
Figure 1(b) shows the experimental setup schematic of SESAM Q-switched laser.
The amount of glycotoxin in liquid oils The amount of Foodstuff AGE (kU/100 g) Corn oil 2.400 Sesam oil 21.680 Olive oil 11.900 Canola oil 9.020 Sunflower seed oil 3.940 AGE: advanced glycation end products
Table 3: Fatty acids composition of sesam oil Fatty acid Formula Occurrence Pourcentage * Linoleic acid C18 : 2A9,12 112,18 44,85 % * Oleic acid C18 : A9 110,23 44,07 % * Palmitic acid C16 : A 0 22,05 8,81 % * Staaric acid C18 : A 0 5,65 2,25 % According to the results, we can conclude that sesame oil is an oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which represent 88.92% of the overall composition.
Students also flocked to the Graduate School building, Agronomy building, Food Science building, School of Environmental Science and Management (SESAM) building and the Men's, Women's, Veterinary Medicine and ACCI dormitories in the hope of accessing SAIS.
With the latest release of Sesam HydroD software for floating structures, DNV GL is now offering a completely new and pioneering stability analysis solution that allows for hydrodynamic and stability analysis on one common model, giving naval and offshore engineers unprecedented control over their projects.
The model was implemented with "SeSAm"; a software that has been used for traffic simulations (Klugl & Bazzan, 2004) and it was designed for social scientists with little computer programming experience (
"Sesam: A biometric person identification system using sensor fusion," Pattern Recognit.
The selective exposure self-and affect management (SESAM; Knobloch-Westerwick, 2015) model postulates that individuals' selection of media content is determined by the relevant self-concept that is activated when they are exposed to it: Depending on the working self accessible at the time of exposure, people attend differently to media.
SEP's flagship solution, SEP sesam, uses its patented Multi-Streaming technology to facilitate unlimited simultaneous data streams to provide some of the highest performance in the backup market.
Differential antimicrobial activity of the various crude leaves extracts of Sesam radiatum against some common pathogenic micro-organisms.