SESARSingle European Sky ATM Research (European air traffic management system)
SESARSystem for Earth Sample Registration
SESARSolid Earth Sample Registry
SESARSuspected Expected Serious Adverse Reaction
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Leonardos solution will allow MATS to implement the new SESAR Data Link requirements (Model C with multifrequency) and to be fully compliant with the new European Commission implementation regulations, which outline the requirements for the introduction of Data Link services for the Single European Sky initiative.
Use this chance to discuss the SESAR programme at SMi's 15th annual conference on Unmanned Aerial Systems taking place 19th - 20th November in London, UK.
The European Commission's Single European Sky initiative, of which SESAR deployment is an important pillar, is tasked to improve efficiency, lower delays and raise environmental performance.
This translates into $20 billion additional value for NextGen, $51 billion additional value for SESAR and $29 billion additional value for the rest of the world.
SESAR is one of the greatest projects of the century to shape the future of air traffic management and to develop the technological infrastructure, Ariduru stressed.
SESAR, established in 2005, is a pan-European industrial link-up of air navigation service providers (including the UK's NATS), airports and equipment manufacturers.
Adacel's operational Aurora ATM includes capabilities envisaged for FAA NextGen and EUROCONTROL SESAR programs; providing enabling technology for initiatives to promote airspace efficiency and reduce aviation related carbon emissions.
Demonstrate a proven experience in applying the SESAR Human Performance
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 3, 2013-Frankfurt Airport puts SESAR prototype CAT III GBAS in service(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The European Commission estimates that implementation of SESAR, the research programme for development of a new air traffic management system, will require 3 billion in EU funds over the period 2014-2024.
The Fly4D consortium is coordinated by aircraft manufacturer Airbus, and has been contracted by Eurocontrol on behalf of SESAR - a joint undertaking by the European Commission and Eurocontrol - to research the future of air traffic management in Europe.
Serious work on SESAR began some 10 years ago, but EU ATM organisation Eurocontrol and the European Commission, did not formally establish the organisation until 2007.