SESCServico Social do Comercio (Brazil)
SESCSecurities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (Bank of Japan)
SESCSoftware Engineering Standards Committee (IEEE)
SESCSuperficial Esophageal Squamous-Cell Carcinoma
SESCSGN Eurisys Services Corp
SESCShip Electric System Control
SESCSite Evaluation Steering Committee
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Sesc has supported a website offering Brazilian scores since 2007, when it provided technical support at 17 Sesc locations around Brazil, providing computers with score software (e.
A few minutes from the Arena where the Cup had its opening match, SESC is hosting the exhibition Amazonia Mundi , which offers an immersion in the environmental and social reality of the world's largest tropical rainforest.
The SESC is believed to have verified the market manipulation through cooperation with Singaporean market surveillance authorities under a multilateral accord for sharing related information.
Late Friday the SESC called for the financial authority to impose a penalty of 14.
L'article releve du travail des organisations de la societe civile envers ces refugies, en particulier l'effort du SESC (Service Social du Commerce), une institution sui generis d'action socioculturelie en Amerique Latine.
The TSE and SESC suspect that prices are pushed higher after investment funds operating in Hong Kong buy convertible stocks and third-party stocks issued by companies with deteriorating performance, and speculative investors in Japan make numerous buy orders for them.
The SESC cannot decide punishments, but it can recommend to the Financial Reconstruction Commission and Financial Supervisory Agency that action be taken against institutions found to have broken financial regulations.
Global Banking News-June 8, 2012--Japan SESC to propose fine on US brokerage(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
The SESC intends to recommend that the Financial Services Agency fine the former Chuo Mitsui Asset Trust for alleged insider trading by its fund manager over a new share issue by Mizuho Financial Group Inc.
The SESC will ask Olympus to submit in-house financial documents concerning past mergers and acquisitions, and will examine the processes in which investment losses were moved off the company s balance sheet, the daily reported.
Today, the SESC made a recommendation to the Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency ("FSA") that the FSA take administrative disciplinary action asserting that such measures are necessary in procuring sound and proper business operation of an investment trust management company and protecting investors.