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SESDAQStock Exchange of Singapore Dealing and Automated Quotation
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An active SESDAQ would help much in the maturity of a domestic VC market, and potentially in igniting local SMEs in the manufacturing sector as they face very fierce competition by MNCs (Ho, Koh, and Thangavelu 2002, 340; Patel 2006, 59; EISC 2002, 18).
The Singapore Exchange has two trading sections: the Main Board and the SESDAQ. The listing requirements of the Main Board are more stringent than those of the SESDAQ.
Italy's Nuovo Mercato, Singapore's Sesdaq and Korea's Kosdaq were the world's most liquid new markets in 2002 with the Nuovo Mercato and Kosdaq also featuring as the most volatile.
In 1987 the Stock Exchange of Singapore Dealing and Automated Quotation (SESDAQ) providing public listing for smaller and less established firms began its operation (Lee and Low 1990b, p.