SESECSuperficial Eosinophilic Squamous Epithelial Cells
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The SESEC project, which was originally launched in 2006, supports the ongoing dialogue between the European Standardization Organizations (ESOs) and the Standardization Administration of the People s Republic of China (SAC).
The following areas have been identified as sectoral project priorities by the SESEC project partners: Internet of Things (IoT) & Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, communication networks & services, cybersecurity & digital identity, Smart Cities (including transport, power grids & metering), electrical & electronic products, general product safety, medical devices, cosmetics, energy management & environmental protection (including eco-design & labelling, as well as environmental performance of buildings).
Easily accessible via any device thanks to its responsive design, the new SESEC website also allows visitors to subscribe to specific RSS feeds to be alerted when new contents are published on the website in areas they are particularly interested in.