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3c, we see that the SESFs have an uneven surface, so that the PBS melt may be embedded into the grooved SESF surface to form interludes, resulting in stronger interfacial adhesion between SESFs and PBS, which improves the mechanical properties of composites.
To further investigate the effect of temperature on the surface chemistry of SESF composites, the composites prepared at 170 and 200[degrees]C were soaked in the solvent dichloromethane, and the resulting fibers were filtered out.
This indicates that the content of C-O on the SESF surface in the composites is reduced (i.
Increasing the mixing temperature results in the oxidation of the SESF surface that can produce aldehyde and carboxyl and the degradation of PBS, which in turn produces more hydroxyl and carboxyl.
1, curve 1 is the infrared spectrum of SESFs and curve 2 is the infrared spectrum of untreated SFs.
Figure 4a shows a lot of long fibers protruding from the tensile-fractured surface, which indicates that the interface combination between SESFs and PBS is very weak; fibers were pulled out from the matrix during the fracture process.