SESFODSelective Excitation with Single Frequency Off-resonance Decoupling
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The SESFOD survey is conducted four times a year and covers changes in credit terms and conditions over the three-month reference periods ending in February, May, August and November.
Following the deterioration in liquidity and functioning of markets for the underlying collateral (as opposed to the securities financing market itself) reported in the previous five quarterly SESFOD surveys, only a small net percentage of respondents reported a further deterioration in liquidity and functioning of markets over the three-month reference period.
Demand by counterparties for funding using government bonds, high-quality financial and non-financial corporate bonds as well as asset-backed securities as collateral increased over the period under review, suggesting a return to the general trend of increasing demand for securities financing observed since the start of the SESFOD survey in the fourth quarter of 2012.