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Sesha Prakash S Kusuma, Vice-President, Promatas, explained how robotics is being used to scout difficult terrains when a tragedy strikes any place.
A photo of public health student Sesha Birns practicing a yoga headstand in a fern-carpeted forest won first place.
SESHA's Clinical Repair/Protect SPF 30 Day Emulsion brings out the anti-ageing big guns all summer long.
By making a donation to attend, every dollar raised benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and counts as one vote for Sesha Gaston as 2013 Triangle Woman of the Year!
Somewhat ironically, Nussbaum launches her critique with three intimate, personal stories of particular parents raising children with disabilities: Sesha, a young woman with cerebral palsy and severe mental retardation, the daughter of the philosopher Eva Kittay and her husband Jeffrey; Arthur, Nussbaum's own nephew with Asperger's syndrome and Tourette's syndrome; and Berube's son Jamie.
These kavachas or covers consisted of beaten gold or silver made as body-plates and face-masks for icons such as Garuda, Hamsa, and Sesha. The same technique was extended to architectural features such as doorways that were covered with metal worked in the repousse technique or in reverse.
"First of all we arranged a consultation with a Sesha skin therapy consultant who advised on the right products to achieve the best possible skin condition.
Subba Rao A, Sesha Sai MVR, Pal SK (1993) Nonexchangeable potassium reserves and their categorization in some soils of India.
Jeffrey and Eva Kittay's daughter Sesha was 32 when she enrolled at the Center for Discovery's adult residential program three years ago.
Among the STS programs offered is A Partnership for PFC Emissions Reductions Workshop, co-sponsored sponsored with SIA, SESHA, and International SEMATECH.