SESIServico Social da Industria (Brazil)
SESISolar Energy Society of India (est. 1976; International Solar Energy Society)
SESISuperior Energy Services, Inc. (various locations)
SESISystems Engineering Solutions, Inc. (est. 1987; Dunn Loring, VA)
SESISocial Entrepreneurship Summer Institute (Illinois)
SESIShipboard Explosive Safety Inspection
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Methods: Nine athletes of male swimming in Bantam categories (n = 1), petiz (n = 2), children (n = 3), juvenile (n = 2) and junior (n = 1) Sport School SESI in Araguari / MG.
6] Nonstandard abbreviations: PFAA, plasma free amino acids; BCAA, branched-chain amino acids; IE-HPLC, ion-exchange high-performance liquid chromatography; HRMS, high-resolution mass spectrometry; SESI, secondary electrospray ionization; pptv, partsper-trillion by volume.
BMO Capital Markets advised SESI on the transaction.
Em fevereiro de 1950, ja contratado pelo SESI, iniciou um dos trabalhos precursores da Saude Ocupacional no Pais" (2).
For SE, SESI and SSAA, lot one remained the highest quality seed lot and lot four the lowest quality.
The company must strive to improve the SESI to increase employee satisfaction.
O objetivo deste estudo foi identificar os fatores que se associaram positivamente ao sucesso na implantacao do PSST proposto pelo SESI em empresas do Estado da Bahia.
Tabela 1: Perfil das 11 alunas do programa SESI terceira idade Genero Idade Media Desvio Padrao Feminino 62,18 [+ or -] 7,18 Tabela 2: Resultados dos testes de Levantar-se na posicao sentada e Levantar-se da posicao de decubito ventral (aptidao fisica) nos periodos de pre, intermediario e pos.
It traces the way in which initiatives taken by the industrial elite in the 1920s and 1930s led to the formation of two important agencies in the 1940s: SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training) in 1942, and SESI (Industrial Social Service) in 1946.
This evidence makes her argument on the power of elite discourse particularly convincing, especially when targeted on the establishment of the SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training--1942) and SESI (Industrial Social Service--1946).
The SESI depersonalizes criminal activity and allows the departing employee to answer logically rather than emotionally.
At the SESI Art Gallery, a noncommercial space that shows contemporary art, the first retrospective of Leonilson's work was held just two years after the artist's death from AIDs-related complications.