SESIServico Social da Industria (Brazil)
SESISolar Energy Society of India (est. 1976; International Solar Energy Society)
SESISuperior Energy Services, Inc. (various locations)
SESISystems Engineering Solutions, Inc. (est. 1987; Dunn Loring, VA)
SESISocial Entrepreneurship Summer Institute (Illinois)
SESIShipboard Explosive Safety Inspection
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The SESI can help security focus employee training on issues most in need of attention.
While some data gained from the SESI may be subjective and not reflect actual susceptibility, it is the author's experience that common elements recurring in employee answers over time will verify that employee perceptions are accurate.
No SESI should attempt to cover every aspect of security.
Once the focus has been narrowed by a survey team consisting of a facilitator - usually the security manager - and personnel (selected from each department in the company), the SESI can be developed in three phases: category, survey, and trial.
As each SESI is created, careful review of the process used and the data generated will provide insight into needed improvements, as well as into the usefulness of SESIs with another focus such as sabotage or espionage.
Estimated for completion in Spring 2015, the $438 million SESI project was approved by the Board of Trustees in December 2011 and received approval for construction by Santa Clara County in September of this year.
As a part of SESI s Energy and Climate Plan, Stagner led a review of technologies that Stanford could use to meet its energy needs in a more sustainable way, in 2008.
25% beginning on December 15, 2011, and will be guaranteed by the same subsidiaries of SESI that currently guarantee its existing 6 7/8% senior notes.
25% beginning on December 15, 2011, and will be guaranteed by Superior Energy Services and the same subsidiaries of SESI that currently guarantee its outstanding 67/8% senior notes.
SESI intends to use a portion of the net proceeds from the offering to pay the cost of the exchangeable note hedge transactions that SESI expects to enter into with affiliates of certain of the initial purchasers.
Jeff Daniels, President of SESI further elaborates, "SESI is involved with the expanding onshore/offshore oil industry for the province and EARTH's technologies --RPA(R) & TORRT -- represents a unique and environmentally-sound approach for providing oily water treatment solutions to industry's needs.
We are proud to support SESI as a member of the JBSDS team," said Steve Kelly, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Battelle National Security Division.