SESIPSharps with Engineered Sharps Injury Protection
SESIPSecondary Education Sector Improvement Project
SESIPSchool Effectiveness and School Improvement Program (Christian Schools of Florida)
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We refuse to use SESIPs until there is clear evidence that they offer significant benefits that outweigh their disadvantages.
Of 52 immunization program managers surveyed by the CDC in August 2001, 90% said they were aware of the new standard, but only 40% had disseminated SESIP information to public clinics and only 25% had conducted SESIP trainings for clinic personnel.
Among the many perceived barriers they cited were the need for additional funds to purchase SESIPs (71%), identification of the most suitable SESIPs (48%), securing new contracts with SESIP manufacturers (41%), and need for additional storage space (40%), Dr.
Exempt injections for vaccine delivery to allow SESIP use for immunization to be studied.
Explore ways to make SESIP purchases in high volume at government discounts available to pediatricians through programs such as Vaccines for Children, Medicaid, and bulk purchase programs from private sources.
With those numbers, the mandated use of SESIPs instead of conventional syringes would cost approximately $5.