SESIPSharps with Engineered Sharps Injury Protection
SESIPSecondary Education Sector Improvement Project
SESIPSchool Effectiveness and School Improvement Program (Christian Schools of Florida)
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The SESIP, scheduled to be completed in 2023, is supporting the government's comprehensive secondary education development programme, backed by development partners in a harmonised manner.
The proposed SeSIP comprises SIP, secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP) [14], multimedia internet keying (MIKEY) [15], and a Diameter server [16] to provide VPN services in NEMO.
In the proposed SeSIP, SIP is the main protocol to manage the session between MN, SIP-NVG, SIP Proxy 1, SIP Proxy 2, and CN.
Ignoring the fact that the incidence of pediatric AIDS is in decline and the observation that office-based pediatric immunizations are low-risk procedures, OSHA has mandated changes in its blood-borne pathogen standards that are going to force us to use cumbersome sharps with engineered sharps injury protection (SESIPs).
We refuse to use SESIPs until there is clear evidence that they offer significant benefits that outweigh their disadvantages."
Of 52 immunization program managers surveyed by the CDC in August 2001, 90% said they were aware of the new standard, but only 40% had disseminated SESIP information to public clinics and only 25% had conducted SESIP trainings for clinic personnel.
* Exempt injections for vaccine delivery to allow SESIP use for immunization to be studied.
Many sharps containers have openings that do not allow for disposal of a SESIP attached to the blood tube holder.
Another requirement of the revised 2001 standard is the inclusion of solicitation from "non-managerial" employees in evaluating safer medical deviceS in SESIPs (29 CFR 1910.1030 [c][i][5]).