SESMSubscriber Edge Services Manager
SESMSymantec Enterprise Security Manager
SESMSubscriber Edge Services Manager (Cisco)
SESMSupporting Entrepreneurial Skills Matrix
SESMSchool of Environmental Science and Management (Bangladesh)
SESMStrategies and Errors in Secondary Mathematics
SESMSub-Engineering Service Memorandum (engineering)
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Pasadas del Amo, Sara & Manuel Trujillo Carmona (2013): Afijacion optima basada en costes para muestras telefonicas recogidas en marcos duales, 1st Southern European Conference on Survey Methodology (SESM) and VI Congreso de Metodologia de Encuestas, Barcelona 12th-14th December.
Vicente, Paula, Catarina Marques & Elizabeth Reis (2013): Call-level influences on non-contacts and refusals in a mobile phone survey, 1st Southern European Conference on Survey Methodology (SESM) and VI Congreso de Metodologia de Encuestas, Barcelona 12th -14th December.
The inverse example is one in which both parties cannot reach a SESM despite not having problems at lower representational levels.
Thus, it could be considered that the construction of emotional inferences in the listener could be affected by imbalances within the BTS in the speaker and since inferences are needed in the simulation of language, the final SESM can be affected too.
More importantly, given that onomatopoeia has a closer link to the concepts it refers to in that it enhances the representation of concepts' sensorimotor properties (particularly ideophones), it would be interesting to investigate its role in the construction of SESMs.
The results obtained showed that after the skin exfoliation with the EP125 gel there was a significant improvement in several biometric parameters, such as sebum, surface, SEsm and energy (NRJ).
SESM also will soon deploy AmosConnect Anti-Virus from Stratos, which provides onboard protection against intrusion of Internet computer viruses and malicious software in the satellite broadband environment.
En sesion del 22 de febrero de 1920 se aprueba por unanimidad que no se informe en la Memoria Anual de los nombres de las personas que han hecho uso de los servicios de la SESM, como se habia estado haciendo hasta ese momento.
La escasa asistencia de la gran masa de socios a las asambleas no permite asignarle a la SESM algun papel importante en el proceso de integracion.
A diferencia de lo que ocurrio en otros paises, la SESM de Valparaiso no se ocupo de crear instituciones educacionales.
The French Army is now replacing the Hispano-Suiza HS-110 multi-fuel engine of its AMX-30B2 main battle tanks with an American Mack E9 diesel engine modified by Renault Vehicules Industriels but retaining the original Sesm ENC 200 transmission.