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SESTScreamin Eagle Super Tuner
SESTSwedish ESO (European Southern Observatory) Submillimeter Telescope
SESTSequential Energy System Tuning (medical diagnostic system)
SESTSupine Empty Stress Test (gynecology)
SESTSante-Environnement Sante-Travail (French: Health-Environmental Health-Labor)
SESTStatic Ergonomic Strength Testing (occupational medicine)
SESTSingle Equilibrium Static Technique
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Margareta siiski paranes tookord, sest testamendi ulaservale lisatud aastaarvu kohaselt anti see kaiku alles 1501.
These results suggest that type I IFN, induced by SesT, decreases inflammatory responses thereby allowing for greater SesT propagation.
Os autores agradecem o apoio financeiro da Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo, FAPESP; as entidades civis Servico Social do Transporte (SEST) e Servico Nacional de Aprendizagem do Transporte (SENAT) pela autorizacao de uso de tres de seus postos de atendimento para o acesso a populacao-alvo e, finalmente, ao LIM-40 da FMUSP.
Note that this SEST line gives a better fit ([R.sup.2]=0.778) than a simple exponential or a power curve would ([R.sup.2]=0.667).
The vector [x.sub.i] contains binary measures controlling for whether a student is: female; Black, Latino/Latina, or of two or more races/ethnicities (White is the omitted category); part of the SOB, part of the SEPS, or part of the SEST (being part of CLASS was the omitted category).
Sest temma peab [must-3SG] Issanda ees suur olema (PUT 1715 Lk 1:15)
M.Boudiaf, qui a visite les differents stands, sest entretenu avec les professionnels nationaux et etrangers.
SEST Observations and The Nondetection of SiO Emission.
V uvodu jsou pripomenuty definice lidske bezpecnosti a sest praktickych principu jejiho naplnovani.