SESVSouth East Scotland Vegetarians (Penicuik, Scotland, UK)
SESVSeverely Errored Seconds - VT1 (Telabs)
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SESVs, also known as jackup barges is being built by GMS at its quayside facility in Abu Dhabi.
GMS uses its quayside facility located in the UAE s capital city of Abu Dhabi to build its SESVs, also identified as jackup barges.
We are looking forward to introducing another two SESVs to the fleet next year.
The first extension is for an SESV currently chartered to a MENA-based national oil company (NOC) on a three-year contract (two years firm and an option to extend by one year).
GMS has been at the forefront of self-propelled SESV design since the 1980s.
Gulf Marine Services CEO Duncan Anderson said: "Confirmation of this contract extension by a major IOC is testament to the cost-effective well service and maintenance solutions our SESVs provide, which is increasingly relevant in the current oil price environment.
Skandi Santos, the first vessel of this type operated by AKOFS, has performed SESV services successfully for Petrobras since starting operations in March 2010.
Duncan Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of GMS, said the demand for SESVs across the MENA region is excellent and the market for their assets in Europe also remains strong with their entire fleet of ten SESVs currently chartered.