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SETASector Education and Training Authority (South Africa)
SETASystems Engineering and Technical Assistance (US DoD contract vehicle)
SETAStudents for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
SETAScientific and Engineering Technical Assistance
SETASunderland Engineering Training Association (commercial education; UK)
SETASoutheast Tissue Alliance (Gainesville, FL)
SETASacramento Employment & Training Agency (Sacramento, CA)
SETASearch for Extraterrestrial Artifacts
SETASoutheastern Employment & Training Association (Clemson, SC)
SETASpecial Event Threat Assessment (US FBI)
SETASherburne-Earlville Teachers' Association (Sherburne, NY)
SETASurvey of Employment Tribunal Applications (UK)
SETASecurity, Education, Training & Awareness
SETASingularity Engine Time Accelerator (gaming)
SETASatellite Electrostatic Triaxial Accelerometer
SETASystems Engineering, Testing, and Analysis
SETASeksuaalinen Tasa-Arvoisuus (Finnish Sexual Equality Organization)
SETASoftware Engineering and Technical Assistance
SETASociety for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
SETASouth Eastern Telecommunications Association
SETASafe Environment Training Administration (software)
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Seta is due to commence a series of the new traineeship programmes that have recently been announced by the Government.
It present as follows: light brown, darker in color than legs; hand with 5 setae; galeal seta present; galea with 3 or 4 distal rami; rallum with 3 blades; serrula exterior with 13-15 blades; and fixed finger with 5 teeth, 2 terminal teeth small and acute, and 3 basal teeth are large and blunt, these teeth larger than teeth of protonymph.
Steak House and Herfy was the Best Mid-market Restaurant and Makkah-based Mobarrat Shohada, managed by AKMC, and Avail Grand Hotel & Suite shared SETA's Best Domestic Hotel award.
Seta was all the rage for the Group One May Hill Stakes at Doncaster in September after winning her Newmarket maiden by eight lengths, but could manage only third place.
Indeed, it was after a key practice run on the course last week that Fallon opted to ride Seta in preference to the Mick Channon-trained Music Show, on whom he won the Nell Gwyn last month.
For example, the FDA said that on June 13, 2002, 2 SETA employees failed to make a determination that a human tissue donor was "suitable," misidentified the donor's identity, and later released the tissue for transplantation.
2D) Coxal and basal endite with serially developed strong spines and multiple setae; endopodite with 2+3 spines; a strong subterminal seta.
Endopod with a short distal feathered seta, followed by a densely setulated flap and two short setae.
Seta plans to take Triarc's existing menu ingredients and strengthen them He may add or bring in one product to give the restaurant a signature twist but when reformatting menus it is important that the customers have favorites, and Seta does not want to change that.
With a 10-year milestone event, SETA members took some time to reminisce during the four-day conference.
1C), 3) female P5 exopod elongate, inner spine (ins) and apical seta (aps) as long as or longer than the segment (Fig.
We have reported a distinctive socketed spatulate seta on the most distal tarsomeres III and IV of Metibalonius sp.