SETELSmall Enterprise Telecommunications Centre Ltd
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Setel P, MacFarlane S, Szreter S, Mikkelsen L, Jha P, Stour S, AbouZahr C, 2007, "A scandal of invisibility: making everyone count by counting everyone" The Lancet 37 1569-1577
Dis juis ook in die 'dubbelheid' van sy werk dat die ironiese krag daarvan setel, byvoorbeeld wat betref sy latere hantering van die 'knolskrywer', soos reeds aangedui is.
According to the Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre (SETEL) "simplification.
In sub-Saharan Africa, a recent examination of the burden of disease revealed that 86% of disability adjusted life years (DALYs) were because of non-communicable diseases of which HIV/AIDS contributed significantly (Setel et al., 2004).
'Te xa setel xulem' (The buzzards were circling): categories of verbal roots in (Zinacantec) Tzotzil.
In order to extract as much as possible from such discourses and these kinds of ethnographic data I will discuss the concept of 'moral demographies' introduced by Philip Setel (1999) in A Plague of Paradoxes.
Discussing the sugar daddy stereotype as it exists among the Chaga people who live around Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Philip Setel writes:
When Drorah Setel, a Seattle rabbi affiliated with the local Jewish organization Pursue the Peace, showed up at a local pro-Israel rally in April 2002 carrying a sign supportive of both Palestinians and Israelis, a representative of the ADL, one of the rally organizers, insisted to police that she was a counterdemonstrator who should be removed; she ended up under arrest.
In 1990 het die NNF een setel in die nuutverkose parlement gewen.
"We started our company, Setel Ltd, working from our parents' homes in Newark in Notts and started making money from nothing.
The relationship between gender, sexuality and social change has been shown to be central in understanding the dynamics and consequences of the epidemic (Setel 1999; Carael 1996).
Philip Setel warns, rightly, that much of the emphasis on sexuality `failed to highlight the connections between AIDS and global poverty'.