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SETISearch for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
SETISearch for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
SETISoftware Engineering, Tools and Infrastructure
SETISoftware Engineering and Theoretical Informatics (Netherlands)
SETIStock Exchange of Thailand Index
SETISpace Exploration & Theology Institute
SETIStrategic Electronic Technology Information
SETIElectrical Inspectorate Sarkiniementie (Finland Approval Agency)
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Although previous lunar observations have identified hundreds of possible entrances to lava tubes, these are the first to find them in a polar region, according to SETI.
Another daunting issue facing SETI efforts is the vast range of radio frequencies that hypothetical aliens could choose for their beacon: any of about 10 billion channels, if their beacon broadcast is a highly efficient signal 1 Hz wide.
Boyajian, the Breakthrough Listen project and the SETI scientists will also be using the Green Bank radio telescope to stare at the dimming star over the next couple of months.
Book IV in the SETI series should see a completion date by the end of 2015.
The idea is called active SETI and, according to Vakoch, would involve the beaming of messages via radar and perhaps eventually lasers.
Located in a remote area in the shadow of Lassen Peak, east of Redding, California, it began initial operations in 2007, according to the SETI Institute.
In the past, failed SETI searches have fueled further efforts.
Universities and research centers, such as the SETI Institute.
signal," no possible ETI signal has ever been heard, verified, and confirmed ever since Drake began the first search for SETI signals some 48 years ago.
SETI, the acronym for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, is science's effort to detect evidence of intelligent life beyond the Earth by looking for signatures of its technology.
Nothing like this has ever been seen," says Mark Showalter, an astronomer at the SETI Institute in California.
Los recursos economicos con los que puede contar una iniciativa de SETI son escasos en el mejor de los casos, y la mayor parte del tiempo, inexistentes, debido a que es aun un area polemica de la investigacion cientifica.