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While Dawit has been temporarily silenced, his words published in Setit in 2011 continue to resound, "People can tolerate hunger and other problems for a long time, but they cannot tolerate the absence of good administration and justice.
This ratio is below the norm in all other three Unions (Aheferom, Getser Adwa, and Setit Humera) in all the consecutive years.
Dr Omer said the report pointed to accomplishments being made by establishment of Atbara and Setit Dam , besides implementation of a number of projects of water harvesting as well as to achievements in domains of service and cultural work.
Bashir said the residents of the River Atbara will gain a lot of benefits from the Upper Atbara and Setit dam, vowing to build a bridge on the River Atbara.
Construction of Rumela Dam on Upper Atbara and Burdana Dam on Setit.
18 (SUNA) The Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, and the Wali (governor) of Al-Gedaref state, Engineer, Murghani Salih Sayed-Ahmed, and a number of the federal economic secotr have inaugurated, Tuesday , Al-Gedaref water project from Atbara and Setit dam which its production capacity estimated at about 75 thousand cubic meters of water per day.
The upper Atbara and Setit dam is expected to produce 150 megawatts by year end.
The inhabitants of Omhajer administrative area, Golij sub-zone, are carrying out effective reforestation activities so as to preserve the natural vegetation along the banks of Setit River.
Citizens affected by Atbara and Setit dams will be resettled before rain season
Bashir stressed that Arab support contributed to the completion of several projects aimed at achieving Arab food security in Sudan especially those associated with infrastructure such as Merowe dam, Ruseiris dam, Upper Atbara and Setit dam which contributed to the increase in the area irrigated as well as electricity generation.
ALRAYIE ALM) : - * Al-Bashir temoin derivation de la riviere Setit .
He then published his articles in one of the country's first independent newspapers, Setit, which he co-founded.