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SETLSEt Theory Language
SETLStudent Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (various schools)
SETLSecurity Environment Threat List (US State Department)
SETLShell Energy Trading Limited (London, UK)
SETLSpatial Extract Transform and Load
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While SETL provided a contactless smartcard for digitised payments (based on blockchain), Deloitte applied its Smart Identity blockchain ID system and Metro Bank hosted a connected client account for a pilot programme in which more than 100 people took part.
1995], which is an extension to the SETL paradigm of computing with sets as aggregates.
Several experimental versions of the SETL programming system [2] have been created which were based on the Gamma virtual machine.
A former chair with Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) had joined blockchain start-up, SETL.
Therefore the Alma-0 statement EITHER S ORELSE T END can be implemented in SETL by if ok then S else T end.
It also traded with SETL, which deploys a multi-asset, multi-asset institutional settlement and payment infrastructure based on blockchain technology, as well as Eleva, a management company.
Similarly, the APTS program transformation system [Paige 1983; 1990; 1994] identifies set expressions in SETL that can be maintained using finite differencing rules [Paige and Koenig 1982].