SETRSystems Engineering Technical Review
SETRSingle Entry Time Reporting
SETRSearch for Extra-Terrestrial Religion
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The test automation project was formally chartered and executed via SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Standard Business and Tailored Systems Engineering Technical Review (SETR) Processes.
This operation partitions this setL into two parts, that is, new setL and setR.
(ii) If SO_cur > SO_max, the current splitting position SO_Cur lies in the existing setR where SO_max was found before.
This paper defines two structures to record the information of splitting position and its results, sets setL and setR; that is, setL = struct("splitting position", {}, "left set", {}) and setR = struct("splitting position", {}, "right set", {}).
The process to determine the sets setL and setR of every splitting operation is shown in Algorithm 1.
* Adapt the systems engineering technical review (SETR) process to ensure that the O&S cost portion was included as part of the evaluation criteria.
Within NAVAIR, the path followed is the Navy's Systems Engineering Technical Review (SETR) process, a series of technical reviews performed throughout the acquisition lifecycle for assessing technical maturity, design maturity, and the ability to meet user requirements and expectations.
The PIA process leverages data from the SETR process technical reviews leading up to Milestone B of the acquisition framework.
Program offices determine how to implement industrial maintenance planning by using the tools provided in the SPI for IDM (including the PIA process) aligned to the SETR process.