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SETSSet Byte if Sign
SETSService Flying Training School
SETSSupport Enforcement Tracking System (Ohio)
SETSStock Exchange Electronic Trading Service
SETSSpoken Error Tracking System
SETSSynchronous Equipment Timing Source
SETSStatistical Export and Tabulation System
SETSShuttle Electrodynamic Tether System (experiment on the TSS-1R shuttle tethered satellite mission)
SETSSite Enforcement Tracking System
SETSSet Equation Transformation System
SETSSystem Engineering & Technical Support
SETSService Establishment Technology Solutions (Sprint)
SETSSolar Energy Thermionic Conversion System
SETSSpace, Energy, Time Savings Systems, Inc. (tankless water heater manufacturer)
SETSStability-Enhancing Two-Step (technique)
SETSStudent Evaluation of Teaching and Subject
SETSStereo Electrooptical Tracking System
SETSSpace Electrodynamics and Tether Systems
SETSSolar Electric Test Satellite
SETSSwath Extension by Timing Saturation (radar)
SETSSimulated Environment Test Signal
SETSSimulated Environmental Test Signal
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He mopped and mowed at me, and called me names; but he was glad to get the ale, for all that; and presently we were set down at a table in the front room of the inn, and both eating and drinking with a good appetite.
See what fine prizes he is taking home from Troy, while we, who have travelled just as far as he has, come back with hands as empty as we set out with--and now Aeolus has given him ever so much more.
We may therefore define the "perspective" to which the sensation in question belongs as the set of particulars that are simultaneous with this sensation.
I judge he thought he could have any girl he wanted, just for the asking, and it must have set him back a good deal when he found he couldn't get Benny.
He entered the flier, exchanging casual remarks with his companions as he unlocked the mechanism of the compass and set the pointer upon the capital city of Ptarth.
Thus the beauty of day, and that of summer, is set off by the horrors of night and winter.
There were large bottles filled with serpents, ticketed according to their species; dried lizards shone like emeralds set in great squares of black wood, and bunches of wild odoriferous herbs, doubtless possessed of virtues unknown to common men, were fastened to the ceiling and hung down in the corners of the apartment.
Well, nobody could think of anything to do -- everybody was stumped, and set still.
I got her some beautiful dresses, and after having married her, we embarked and set sail.
We set out from the kingdom of Dancali on the 15th of June, having taken our leave of the King, who after many excuses for everything that had happened, dismissed us with a present of a cow, and some provisions, desiring us to tell the Emperor of Aethiopia his father that we had met with kind treatment in his territories, a request which we did not at that time think it convenient to deny.
I call to mind a winter landscape in Amsterdam - a flat foreground of waste land, with here and there stacks of timber, like the huts of a camp of some very miserable tribe; the long stretch of the Handelskade; cold, stone-faced quays, with the snow-sprinkled ground and the hard, frozen water of the canal, in which were set ships one behind another with their frosty mooring-ropes hanging slack and their decks idle and deserted, because, as the master stevedore (a gentle, pale person, with a few golden hairs on his chin and a reddened nose) informed me, their cargoes were frozen-in up-country on barges and schuyts.
The gardener set his eldest son to watch; but about twelve o'clock he fell asleep, and in the morning another of the apples was missing.