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An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: "The public should be aware that, although the completion date is set as September 8, this includes a period of four weeks where the setts must be cured before traffic runs over it."
This is mostly because they change their bedding materials often and dig shallow pits, or latrines, a short distance from their sett. The favorite sites for their setts are in timbered areas with pasture close by.
Insp James Lucas, of the RSPCA, said: "Having wildlife like badgers in the countryside is a privilege and people must be prepared to keep their pets under control when they are in areas around setts."
The Badger Trust said that these incidents included badger poisoning and badger baiting, which is the digging out and killing of badgers in their setts.
"Whatever your view on badgers - and we are aware that not everybody is a fan - they are a protected species and so are their setts.
Kirklees Badger Protection Group works closely with organisations including the police and the RSPCA in cases of suspected illegal activity; Natural England, which issues licences to work on or near a badger sett in order to protect it; and Kirklees Council in connection with planning and forestry work.
Sadly illegal persecution continues and some of our oldest and largest setts have become derelict and without good work by our wildlife police officers the situation would be far worse.
ANIMAL welfare campaigners and police have welcomed the prosecution of a huntsman who attacked a badger sett with a spade.
Handlers are pleased at how well the boy and girl pair are getting on and aim to move them into an artificial sett at the Wildlife Aid rescue centre in Leatherhead, Surrey.
Councillors have called on Dublin City Council to act to preserve the badger setts at Blackbanks.