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(3) The word Soul is coming from Old High German seula, sela.
(15) Being of the distinguished Amorimu family that is associated with the Seula monastery and Punakha Dzong, it may well make sense that Thinle Gyaltsen is depicted in the top centre despite his young age if the painting was made as a commission from his family.
In the sixth climate toward the Antarctic there are situated the farthest part of Africa, recently discovered, the islands Zanzibar, the lesser Java, and Seula [Ceylon], and the fourth part of the Earth, which, because Amerigo discovered it, we may call Amerige, the land of Amerigo, so to speak, or America.
Il fait ainsi, a la fin de son livre, apparaitre son experience interieure--cette experience dont la seula ambition etait de remonter par-dela toute poiesis--comme le cliche par excellence de la litterature et son mythe le plus ancien: le mythe orphique.