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SEVSet Overflow
SEVSmith Electric Vehicle
SEVState Equalized Value
SEVSchienenersatzverkehr (German: Rail-Substitution-Traffic; by Bus During Engineering Works)
SEVStuurgroep Experimenten Volkshuisvesting (Dutch: Steering Committee for Experiments in Public Housing; Netherlands)
SEVSendai Virus
SEVSpace Enterprise Vision (US Air Force)
SEVSchweizerischen Elektrotechnischen Vereins (Switzerland)
SEVSociedad Española de Vexilología (Spanish: Society of Vexillology)
SEVSolar Electric Vehicle
SEVSpecial Equipment Vehicle
SEVSmallest Extreme Value
SEVSubsea Equipment Vendor
SEVSagawa Express Vietnam
SEVSurface Effect Vehicle
SEVSport en Vriendschap (Dutch: Sport and Friendship; Netherlands)
SEVService des Espaces Verts (French: Parks Department; various locations)
SEVSociété des Etudes Voltairiennes (French: Voltaire Studies Society)
SEVSylvania Electronic Village (Sylvania, Ohio)
SEVSociété d'Equipement Vosgienne (French: Vosges Equipment Company)
SEVSociété des Entrepôts Vevey SA (French: Vevey Warehouse Corporation SA; Switzerland)
SEVSuperficial Epigastric Vein
SEVStockpile Emergency Verification
SEVStockpile Emergency Validation
SEVSecteur d'Etude des Variétés (French: Sector Study of Varieties)
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The greatest theme of the book is trust, especially the devastation caused by its loss, as demonstrated when Sev is unable to change years' worth of feelings upon learning new truths about her own history.
Appalled by their uncle's actions, the heirs of Greg, Sim and Sev demanded from Marie the nullification of Enri's affidavit of self-adjudication and the deed of absolute sale.
Original retail was 1475, and SeV currently offers it at $360.
Single mum Sev said: "Childcare is so expensive, by the time I have paid all my bills and debts I am left with PS10 a day for nappies, food, milk and everything else.
I'm going to show the audience 3 effective ways of dealing with this threat and my hope is they understand how vulnerable their deferred comp plan and other savings are,” quoted Sev Meneshian, CFP[R] owner of Public Retirement Planners.
As one of the largest commercial all-electric vehicle manufacturers in the world, SEV has a history of over 80 years.
A spokesman for the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership Violence Against Women and Children Steering Group called for a "zero tolerance" policy on SEVs ahead of the meeting.
Aunque el Reglamento Interno de la SEV estipula que el pago es quincenal, actualmente se me paga de manera mensual, sin considerar prestacion alguna y con un salario cuyo monto se congelo desde 2006.
In Bikaner, he deconstructed the traditional tamatari sev and turned it into a nouvelle cuisine delicacy.
SeV vectors, said the researchers, are superior to conventional virus vectors because "they do not go through a DNA phase" and can introduce foreign genes without toxicity into a variety of cell types.
But there was not enough public interest at the price SEV wanted.
30 August 2012 - Swiss insurance group Helvetia Holding AG said on Thursday it would buy domestic SEV Versicherungen Genossenschaft, a provider of individual life insurance to members of rail workers' association SEV, without disclosing financial details.