SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager
SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible & InfraRed Imager
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Technically, SEVIRI is a combined scan/telescope assembly that weighs 260 kg and incorporates a movable mirror that is positioned in front of its telescope and performs a linear scan of the Earth's surface from north to south.
Alongside SEVIRI, the Anglo-European Astrium joint venture is responsible for a range of operational and planned satellite meteorological instrumentation packages that include the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU)-B, the Humidity Sounder for Brazil (HSB), the Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT), the Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS) and the Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument (ALADIN).
Alongside MSG-1, SEVIRI is to be fitted aboard the forthcoming MSG-2 and -3 vehicles.
Huang, 2009: Validation of a large-scale simulated brightness temperature dataset using SEVIRI satellite observations.
Since SEVIRI AODs were only available between 0600 and 1600 UTC, there are some locations and periods that have solar zeniths less than 70[degrees] that are missing in the AOD record.
52), but means from SEVIRI are lower than from surface observations, particularly for lower values.
Figure 3 shows the annual mean percentage of cooking days, along with monthly means from July and January, from both SEVIRI and surface observations in the Sahel (other months are shown in supplementary Figs.
The Nile is easily identified in Egypt and Sudan in the SEVIRI plots; this is likely from persistent cloud-flagging errors as well as real clouds.