SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager
SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible & InfraRed Imager
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HIGHROC will derive coastal water quality parameters from a) Sentinel-2 (S2) at 10-20m resolution and b) SEVIRI at 15 min resolution, thus complementin
The results of this study suggest that the GlobAerosol SEVIRI dataset is especially useful for investigating aerosol levels over water," he said.
In addition, we aim to provide a first investigation of the ability of the technique in deriving the above parameters when using advanced technologically remote sensing sensors, specifically the EUMETSAT SEVIRI radiometer on-board the recently launched MSG-3 platform as well as of the GMES Sentinels 2 and 3 that have already been planned to be launched in 2013/2014.