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SEWERSequence Analysis Using Web Resources
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Let him name the ransom at which he rates our liberty, and it shall be paid, providing the exaction is suited to our means.'' The sewer made no answer, but bowed his head.
``I shall deliver to the knight your defiance,'' answered the sewer; ``meanwhile I leave you to your food.''
As one who long in populous City pent, Where Houses thick and Sewers annoy the Aire, Forth issuing on a Summers Morn, to breathe Among the pleasant Villages and Farmes Adjoynd, from each thing met conceaves delight, The smell of Grain, or tedded Grass, or Kine, Or Dairie, each rural sight, each rural sound; If chance with Nymphlike step fair Virgin pass, What pleasing seemd, for her now pleases more, She most, and in her look summs all Delight.
Let the sewers serve and the minstrels play, while we drain a cup to the brave days that are before us in the south!" He turned away, accompanied by the two monarchs, while the rest of the company, with many a compressed lip and menacing eye, filed slowly through the side-door to the great chamber in which the royal tables were set forth.
The project has been in the works for around three years now but is just now reaching the construction phase, during which a new sanitary sewer system will be built, said project manager Mark Bingham.
The company spends around PS2.4million every year clearing more than 30,000 sewer blockages, 40% of them caused by wet wipes.
communities totaling more than $12 million for water, sewer and stormwater projects, as well as economic programs.
That's the total of New York State and federal grants that will finance Suffolk County's largest sewer capacity increase since the scandal-plagued Southwest Sewer District expansion in the 1970's.
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko said in Kariobangi the broken trunk of sewer had flooded houses leading to the closure.
SARGODHA -- A sewer project built costing Rs200 million so far has been left incompletely by the Public Health Engineering (PHE).
SAK is repairing the sewer and pipeline infrastructure in these metropolitan areas by utilizing state-of-the-art trenchless technologies, including CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) pipeline rehabilitation.