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SEWSSumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Bowling Green, KY)
SEWSStandard Emergency Warning Signal (Australia)
SEWSSatellite Early Warning System
SEWSShared Early Warning System
SEWSSurrey, East and West Sussex Museum Development Service
SEWSScientific/Engineering Workstation
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She is a person we have to sew and assist Leah in her housemaid's work," continued the widow; "not altogether unobjectionable in some points, but she does well enough.
I expect you'll learn to sew all right, Lena, if you'll only keep your head and not go gadding about to dances all the time and neglect your work, the way some country girls do.
Singer and tailor am I-- Doubled the joys that I know-- Proud of my lilt to the sky, Proud of the house that I sew-- Over and under, so weave I my music--so weave I the house that I sew.
The next morning she went out, collected star-flowers, and began to sew.
Read or sew, whichever you like--or read and do not sew.
Now, if you will help me sew the silk together, we will begin to work on our balloon.