SEXPSimple Expression
SEXPSymbolic Expression
SEXPStarcraft Expansion (video game Starcraft)
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Our secure outsourcing scheme of Sexp is with high checkability and efficiency.
Proof: The outsourcing scheme Sexp satisfies correctness, soundness, privacy, verifiability and efficiency, which are proved as follows.
Verifiability: We can analyze the verifiability of Sexp by using the same method as described in the Theorem 1 in section 3.
Compared with [15] and [13], the weakness of our scheme Sexp is increased MM, but our scheme only requires 4 MInv (we omit other operations such as modular additions) and 2 invocations of Rand.
The percentage of men indicating that they had consented to any of the behaviours listed in the SEXP was calculated overall and for each item.
Summary of standard multiple regression analysis with SEXP as the dependent variable, RCUSS, SSE and SRI as the predictors (n = 124).
Given that the same independent variables were found to be direct predictors of both SEXP and DSEXP and to a similar degree, only the findings of the DSEXP dependent variable are reported here.
Bivariate correlations between scales Scale SCS SRI RFC SEXP DSEXP SCS .