SEaOSSouthern Elephant Seals as Oceanographic Samplers
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Applications for PTS-eligible Sailors will be automatically pre-populated in Fleet RIDE 15 months prior to their SEAOS, but they must manually apply in PTS with their career counselor's help.
Other ships include the giant Queen Mary Two that is expected to call at Cape Town and Durban; P&OOs Aurora; Crystal CruisesO Crystal Serenity; Fred OlsenOs Balmoral; Seven SeaOs Voyager, and Holland AmericaOs Amsterdam.
Sailing boat from above To the ends of the world with French flair The seaOs most powerful spell is romance; a romance which, in the mists of time, has gathered round ships and the people who have sailed in them, together with the strange and exciting coasts theyOve discovered and the storms, hardships and battles theyOve had to overcome to reach them.