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SF-36Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (Health Institute; New England Medical Center; Boston, MA)
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The relapses were also associated with a significant decrease in SF-36 physical and mental component summaries.
Means and standard deviations of fatigue severity scale, SF-36 subscales, and HAQ-DI score are presented in Table 4.
Abbreviations: CLBP = chronic low back pain, MI = multiple imputation, PSE = pain self-efficacy, PSEQ = Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire, SD = standard deviation, SEM = structural equation modeling, SF-36 = Short Form-36 Health Status Questionnaire, SF-MPQ = Short-Form McGill Pain Questionnaire.
The mean of SF-36 QOL sub-groups physical and mental score of the individuals who are aged from 65 to 74 were found to be significantly higher than that of the mean SF-36 QOL sub-groups physical and mental score of the individuals who are aged from 74 to 88 (p<0.
Enjeksiyon sayisi, kendi kendine glukoz OlcOmu, hastalik sOresi, lie SF-36, BDO ve STAI-TX skorlan arasinda iliski yoktu.
Physical function and SF-36 PCS were two of nine secondary endpoints evaluated in the double-blind portion of the study, all of which were statistically significant for HUMIRA versus placebo.
Our cross-sectional anchor was baseline global health derived from the SF-36 question "Compared to one year ago, how would you rate your health in general now?
placebo also were seen on the Physical Component Summary and other individual dimensions of the SF-36 (specifically, physical functions, role physical, and bodily pain), but these did not reach statistical significance.
The MOS SF-36 (Thai version) with instruction mail in detail, together with pre-paid postage was dispatched to each of every 201 patients during March-May 2011 after one year post-discharged.
They were followed up for 3 menstrual cycles and each month the VAS and SF-36 scores were recorded.