SF-MPQShort Form McGill Pain Questionnaire
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In both groups, significant improvements in HGS, VAS, and all subscales of the SF-MPQ evaluated at the 4th and 12th weeks, compared to the initial measurements (p<0.
The total score on the SF-MPQ was the dependent variable for each of the preliminary analyses and the final model.
Participants reported an average SF-MPQ total score of 11.
The participants completed the FSS, HADS-D, and SF-MPQ at baseline and then 6 months later completed the LMSQOL and the SWLS.
Participants were given a towel to dry their arm, and were then taken back to the preliminary lab area where they completed the SF-MPQ before being fully debriefed and thanked for their participation.
Rumination, Helplessness and Magnification) and the two subscales of the SF-MPQ (i.
One-way, independent analyses were conducted to analyze differences in pain intensity and SF-MPQ (Sensory and Affective pain) scores across dance skill level.
Abbreviations: CLBP = chronic low back pain, MI = multiple imputation, PSE = pain self-efficacy, PSEQ = Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire, SD = standard deviation, SEM = structural equation modeling, SF-36 = Short Form-36 Health Status Questionnaire, SF-MPQ = Short-Form McGill Pain Questionnaire.
Measure Possible Range Sample Range Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum SF-MPQ 1 5 1 5 PSEQ 0 60 6 57 SF-Bio 0 100 0 80 SF-Psy 0 100 8 88 SF-Soc 0 100 0 100 PSEQ = Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire, SF-36 = Short Form-36 Health Status Questionnaire, SF-Bio = SF-36 Biological subscale, SF-MPQ = Short-Form McGill Pain Questionnaire, SF-Psy = SF-36 Psychological subscale, SF-Soc = SF-36 Social subscale.
SF-36'nin, FBO skoru ile SF-MPQ ve FRI skorlari arasinda istatistiksel anlamli negatif yonlu iliski tespit edilirken, MBO skoru ile SF-MPQ ve FRI skorlari arasinda iliski tespit edilmedi (Tablo 4).
Ayrica SF-MPQ skorlari ve FRI skorunun yasam kalitesi olceginin fiziksel komponenti ile iliskili oldugunu, hastalarin agrilari arttikca, fonksiyonel durumlari kotulestikce yasam kalitesinin fiziksel komponentinin de bozuldugunu gosterdik.