SF-MPQShort Form McGill Pain Questionnaire
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The SF-MPQ describes the temporal characteristics of pain, recognizing the time of appearance after surgery, and the timing of occurrence.
Sensory-discriminative descriptors were chosen more frequently than motivational-affective, cognitive-evaluative, or miscellaneous terms on the SF-MPQ pain survey.
There were significant decreases in all of the SF-MPQ subscales.
In summary, all of the outcome measures showed a statistically significant main effect of time in the direction of improved health except for SF-MPQ Physical Function and General Health subscales, which showed nonsignificant changes (see Tables 5 and 6).
In both groups, significant improvements in HGS, VAS, and all subscales of the SF-MPQ evaluated at the 4th and 12th weeks, compared to the initial measurements (p<0.
The total score on the SF-MPQ was the dependent variable for each of the preliminary analyses and the final model.
2004) found that patients with FM with high scores in catastrophizing scored significantly higher in all the dimensions of the SF-MPQ.
The participants completed the FSS, HADS-D, and SF-MPQ at baseline and then 6 months later completed the LMSQOL and the SWLS.
Participants were given a towel to dry their arm, and were then taken back to the preliminary lab area where they completed the SF-MPQ before being fully debriefed and thanked for their participation.
Abbreviations: CLBP = chronic low back pain, MI = multiple imputation, PSE = pain self-efficacy, PSEQ = Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire, SD = standard deviation, SEM = structural equation modeling, SF-36 = Short Form-36 Health Status Questionnaire, SF-MPQ = Short-Form McGill Pain Questionnaire.
SF-36'nin, FBO skoru ile SF-MPQ ve FRI skorlari arasinda istatistiksel anlamli negatif yonlu iliski tespit edilirken, MBO skoru ile SF-MPQ ve FRI skorlari arasinda iliski tespit edilmedi (Tablo 4).
The SF-MPQ is scored by adding the numeric value of each pain dimension, with higher scores indicating higher levels of pain perception.