SF1Steroidogenic Factor 1 (nuclear receptor)
SF1Stimulatory Factor 1 (biochemistry)
SF1Suppressive Factor 1
SF1Servizi Formativi 1 (Italian: Educational Services 1)
SF1Shipfitter First Class (US Navy Rating)
SF1Small Field Type 1 (ganglion cell)
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Bulun found the protein SF1 that produces aromatase, which is supposed to be shut down, is active in endometriosis.
But you never know," he told Swiss TV programme SF1.
The data set consists of self-reported race/ethnicity (as a "gold-standard" used for validation), surname, geocoded address of residence (Census 2000 Block Group level, using the SF1 file), and gender for all 1,973,362 enrollees who voluntarily provided this information to the plan for quality monitoring and improvement purposes.
Tony, who runs the Way of the Spiritual Warrior martial arts club, was inspired to hold the session at the centre based at Unit SF1 at Little Heath industrial estate, in Old Church Road, after a spate of stabbings in Coventry.
8 (Glycol stearate and laureth-7 and coca- midopropyl betaine and sodium cocoam- phoacetate and sodium laureth sulfate) Carbopol SF1 4.
SEMI-FINALS June 30: SF1,Winner QF1 v Winner QF3, Jose Alvalade,Lisbon, (7.
Lots at Sienna and Windemere will range from 80x115 feet to 80x140 feet, the homes will range from 1,325 SF1,700 SF and they will be priced to sell from $108,00-$139,900.
Specifically, larger scale operations adhering to a third-party standard or participating in the SF1 program had the most developed wood procurement management systems.
Parallel Tracking has the flexibility to utilize SF1 or SF2 dual-frequency correction signals from the John Deere StarFire network or the government sponsored WAAS signal.
November 20: Loser SF1 v Loser SF2 (Sydney, Stadium Australia)FINALNovember 22: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (Sydney, Stadium Australia)
The reported study utilized a quantitative competitive RT-PCR for measuring SF1 mRNA levels in the adrenal-kidney-gonad complexes of developing red-eared pond slider turtle embryos, at both male-and female-producing incubation temperatures.
We continue with our development and beta testing of SF1 - this technology continues to show its potential to have a major impact on the lithographic printing industry," Mr.