SF1Steroidogenic Factor 1 (nuclear receptor)
SF1Stimulatory Factor 1 (biochemistry)
SF1Suppressive Factor 1
SF1Servizi Formativi 1 (Italian: Educational Services 1)
SF1Shipfitter First Class (US Navy Rating)
SF1Small Field Type 1 (ganglion cell)
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Hill says SF1, which already employs 6,000 staff, will open another 130 sites by the end of 2002.
2017 AFC Champions League Final: November 18, First leg: Winner of SF1 v SF2; November 25, Second leg: SF2 v SF1
1]) 03 Area (A) 04 Perimeter (P) 05 Equivalent Diameter (Eq) 06 Convex Area (C) 07 Solidity (S) 08 Eccentricity (E) 09 Extent (Ex) 10 Aspect ratio (K) 11 Roundness (R) 12 Compactness (Co) 13 SF1 14 SF2 15 SF3 16 SF4 Table 4.
This may not seem like a safe location for scientific equipment, but our research group deliberately placed SF1 in the line of iceberg fire in Sermilik Fjord, 20 miles from the terminus of Helheim Glacier.
All ethyl acetate extracts from isolates SF1, SF3, SwF5, SweF9, SweF10 and SweF11 contained alkaloid and terpenoid.
Sales of smartphones, including the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge and Apple iPhone 6S, were popular among customers along with Lenovo A6000, LAVA X1 and OBI SF1.
QUARTER-FINALS Nov 15 (Leeds): QF1 - 1st group B v 1st Group C Nov 16 (Wrexham): QF2 - 1st Group A v 1st Group D Nov 16 (Wigan): QF3 2nd Group A v 3rd Group B Nov 17 (Warrington): QF4 2nd Group B v 3rd Group A SEMI-FINALS Nov 23 (Wembley Stadium): SF1 - Winner QF1 v Winner QF3 Nov 23 (Wembley Stadium): SF2 - Winner QF2 v Winner QF4 WORLD CUP FINAL Nov 30 (Old Trafford) - Winner SF1 v Winner SF2
In response, on September 6, 2011, the Bank announced that it would "no longer tolerate" the franc exchange rate below SF1.
From now on, the last feature set (BoW + SF1 + SF2 + SF3 + SF4 + SF5+ SF6) will be represented by (BoW + SF1:SF6) for convenience.
30pm: *S Murphy/G Dott v M Fu/J Trump, R Milkins/R Walden v M White/D Poomjaeng; 7pm: *R O'Sullivan/A Carter v S Bingham/S Baird/M Davis, *R Milkins/R Walden v M White/D Poomjaeng Thurs May 3 - 1pm: SF1 (winner QF1 v winner QF2); 7pm: SF2 (winner QF3 v winner QF4).
Portion of Excel Model to create 'NFDB' Database DR DBSR DR Part 1 SRI SF1 0.