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SF3Street Fighter 3 (game)
SF3MAJCOM Stock Fund Stratification Program
SF3Shipfitter Third Class (US Navy Rating)
SF3Simian Factor 3 (virology)
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Data points are estimates with associated Margins of Error (MOEs): SF3 data had MOEs but was not published.
1]) 03 Area (A) 04 Perimeter (P) 05 Equivalent Diameter (Eq) 06 Convex Area (C) 07 Solidity (S) 08 Eccentricity (E) 09 Extent (Ex) 10 Aspect ratio (K) 11 Roundness (R) 12 Compactness (Co) 13 SF1 14 SF2 15 SF3 16 SF4 Table 4.
described that six marine endophytic (SF1, SF3, SwF5, SweF9, SweF10 and SweF11) showed the strong antibacterial activity with diameter of inhibition zone about 18-25 mm and MICs range 20-0.
Table 1 defines these variables in terms of SF3 variable names.
In the MLP structure 2 effective morphological features SF2 (28) SF3 (2) and 2 effective color featuresCrd (4) and Hd (0) were selected (Tables 2-3) because they had more positive and higher feature errors (Utans et al.
O seio frontal, conchal dorsal, etmoidal e a abertura frontomaxilar foram identificados tanto pelo portal SF3, como pelo SF5, em todas as pecas utilizadas, independente do grupo e do tipo de endoscopio empregado (Figura 3).
90 with the combination of SF3 and just 1% of BoW features selected by CHI2.
We apply method to all extracted fragments to extract the most relevant sub fragments and then we have just associated the green ones to correspondent SRs as in the example sub fragments 1 and 2 are selected "SF1, SF2 & SF3 of F1 of D1".
Slump-Flow classes (European Project Group 2005) Class [mm] SF1 from 550 to 650 SF2 from 660 to 750 SF3 from 760 to 850 Table 2.
Data on socioeconomic characteristics come from the Census 2000 Long Form files SF3.
census (tabular data files;block groups [BGs] and census tracts [CTs] with Summary File 3 income variables [Block Groups with SF3 IncomeVar.