SFABSecurity Force Assistance Brigade (US DoD)
SFABSport Fishing Advisory Board
SFABSouth Florida Arts Beat (radio station program)
SFABStudent Forum Advisory Board (American Sociological Association)
SFABSafety and Facility Assurance Branch (US NASA)
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The core mission of the SFAB is to organize, train, advise, and support foreign security forces in coordination with joint, interagency, and multinational forces to improve partner capability and capacity and facilitate achievement of U.
The SFAB will primarily operate forward deployed in theater as an SFA organization partnered with equivalent or higher echelon host nation security forces to conduct training, unit organization, and support operations.
The IFA and SFAB have launched the Franchise Preservation Fund to help support multiple battles underway to protect the Industry through lobbying, legal efforts and educational efforts to widely disseminate the message about the significant economic impact of the franchise industry.
The SFABs have also leveraged their SNEs to support information exchange in the coalition environment.
Given the expanse of sustainment challenges to support multiple SFAATs, it is recommended that any BCT deploying in support of an SFAB mission strongly consider not reorganizing its organic brigade support battalion (BSB) into SFAATs, as the BSB is vitally important to the overall sustainment of all SFAATs from the BCT.
Any deployment to Afghanistan is inherently dangerous, and our soldiers, in particular those of the SFAB, are well-trained and prepared to handle themselves in a variety of operational environments," Colonel Joseph Scrocca, a spokesman for the XVIII Airborne Corps, said.
With each of these non-standard solutions, 3 BCT S6 shop has tailored components of a vehicle centric network to fit deployed requirements in a dismounted and air mobile SFAB mission set.
There's the old saying "a BCT is a BCT," but when deploying under the SFA umbrella, the mission focus is drastically different and the BCT--or the SFAB in this case--must change its task organization and structure accordingly in order to conduct SFA.
Esper committed to give full consideration to WSMR and its modern facilities for the SFAB mission.
While unit leaders say CS 13 has supported the SFABs in numerous expected and unexpected ways, they have also provided detailed and constructive feedback to the Army on how to improve the equipment for the future.
The much-smaller SFABs, with significantly reduced combat power, preclude by definition "doing it for them.