SFABSport Fishing Advisory Board
SFABSouth Florida Arts Beat (radio station program)
SFABStudent Forum Advisory Board (American Sociological Association)
SFABSafety and Facility Assurance Branch (US NASA)
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The Board of Governors said the SFAB provides guidance to the Board about the potential impact of proposed regulatory initiatives on small firm members of the NASD; and to initiate and undertake special assignments for the Board and NASD.
Four suppliers, current and former SFAB members serve on the IFA Board of Directors and, through the committees of the SFAB, suppliers play a role in organizing the annual convention, providing expertise for the educational sessions throughout the year, and supporting the association's efforts to "protect, enhance and promote franchising.
The 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division could be seen as the SFAB "proof of principle" for Afghan-bound brigades, but as with the 4th Brigade, 1st Armored Division, the BCT deployed with little to no augmentation to assist with the advising effort.
The dynamics of an SFAB and SFA can be quite intricate and complex.
It must have the proper mindset to be successful under the SFAB construct.
Second, an SFAB needs to understand that its mission revolves around relationships.
Third, it is vital that an SFAB nest itself with its agency counterparts.
An SFAB should attempt to task organize advisors to the battalions they will fall under for command and control as soon as possible.
Fifth, an SFAB should require that all staffs participate in SFA training and utilize their expertise.
An SFAB should assess its 48 augmented advisors upon reception and expect a uniquely diverse set of advisors.
While the SFAB receives advisors with significant military education and experience, the SFAB mission will require unique skill sets outside of the normal military construct.
Unlike traditional FM radios, the CS 13 Lower Tactical Internet requires a deliberate pre-planning effort to configure the Soldier Radio Waveform, and is difficult to adjust to account for unit task reorganization, a common occurrence for SFABs.