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SFAFSan Francisco AIDS Foundation
SFAFSuccess for All Foundation
SFAFSport Funding and Accountability Framework (Canada)
SFAFStandard Frequency Action Format
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The Livi player was booked for the challenge but the SFAF AF pursued a charge of A pursued a charge of serious foul play.
It has fewer terms than SFAF or AEGIS, but its definitions remain clear while entering more scientifically advanced territory.
SLAVIN is co- director of the Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed at Risk, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, and chairman of SFAF.
Pat Christen, executive director of SFAF, had the second-largest (after Radwin's) 1996 pay package, totaling $176,742, while Jim Graham, executive director of Whitman-Walker, had the smallest of the five, $143,690.
Financial calendar Tuesday, 19 February 2013: publication of annual results Wednesday, 20 February 2013: SFAF analysts' meeting, Paris
Martine Leonard, Chairwoman of the SFAF Sustainable Development Commission
30pm: SFAF financial analysts meeting at Hytel Meurice, Paris.
SFAF meeting at 11:30 (Paris time) in Boulogne Billancourt (Cegedim Auditorium)