SFASUStephen F. Austin State University (Nacogdoches, TX, USA)
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With my own chapter at SFASU I have been able to witness students meeting other people with diabetes for the very first time.
The success met by the mathematics program led the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to fund a program at SFASU to broaden the scope of the program to include the professional development of teachers across all STEM disciplines.
The State of Texas and SFASU recognized the need for enhanced STEM education years before national attention was turned to the subject.
STEM awareness and student readiness for college-level courses is a prime concern of the SFASU STEM Research and Learning Center.
* Observational Astronomy at the SFASU Astronomical Observatory.
The primary goal of WiSTEM is to recruit, retain and advance female STEM majors at SFASU by engaging them in undergraduate research experiences, mentoring relationships, and career development opportunities designed to positively impact their persistence to graduation and their selection of relevant career choices germane to their disciplinary preparation.
* A mentoring pyramid comprised of the STEM faculty to mentor STEM majors who will, in turn, mentor freshmen/sophomore SFASU STEM majors,
* a state-wide WiSTEM Texas Conference, hosted by the SFASU STEM Research and Learning Center, designed to engage female STEM majors in discussions relevant to women in STEM careers.
Students enrolled in the TTU and SFASU vision personnel preparation programs and all mentor-protege teams qualify for a trip to Austin to observe experienced vision professionals at the TSBVI and in the Austin Independent School District (AISD) itinerant vision program.