SFBRSouthwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
SFBRSan Francisco Bay Region
SFBRSouth Florida Business Report (West Palm Beach, FL)
SFBRStudents For Biomedical Research
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It demonstrates the continued momentum of this company, following on the spinoff from SFBR and our recent very successful private offering to investors.
Already, ChemGenex and SFBR scientists are beginning to study how this gene influences a variety of complex diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, preeclampsia, and various infectious diseases.
Back in San Antonio, researchers used novel statistical methods developed by Blangero and other SFBR scientists to sift through this information and predict which of these genetic variants was most likely to have a direct effect on inflammation.
And as Evestra becomes successful, that will benefit SFBR, as well as the San Antonio community.
Along with its primary focus of developing a solid pipeline of pharmaceutical products, Evestra will generate revenue from the synthesis of steroids for the National Institutes of Health pursuant to a contract SFBR has had for over 30 years, which is being transferred to Evestra.
SFBR has assembled a leadership powerhouse to ensure the success of this new venture.
Rao joined SFBR 50 years ago and has served as chair of its Organic Chemistry Department since 1977.
The spin-off of Evestra advances our mission to improve human health through innovative biomedical research, and it could ultimately be of tremendous financial importance to SFBR, its largest stockholder, as the value of its holdings increases.
Chimpanzees, initially developed by scientists at NIH and SFBR as an animal model for HCV, are the only animals besides humans that can be infected with the virus.
SFBR scientists found that chimpanzees that had cleared previous infection with genotype 1 later showed protective immunity when rechallenged with several different HCV strains.