SFBSSacramento Food Bank Services (California; est. 1976)
SFBSStripped Fetal Bovine Serum (biology)
SFBSSolid Foundation Baseball School (Grove City, MN)
SFBSSigma Factor Binding Sites (microbiology)
SFBSSmith Family Book Store (Eugene, OR)
SFBSSan Francisco Bay Section (California Water Environment Association)
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Do you thrive on the bustling, competitive feeling of a large program such as CPYB (300 students) or SFBS (250--300 students)?
While many programs, such as CPYB and SFBS, have extensive guest faculties in the summer, others, such as SAB, use their own permanent faculty almost exclusively.
Among those who do not stage performances are CPYB, SAB, and SFBS.