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SFCGSearch for Common Ground
SFCGSpace Frequency Coordination Group
SFCGSan Francisco Consulting Group
SFCGShoko Fund Company Group (Japan)
SFCGstate forest camp ground
SFCGSogn Og Fjordane County Governor (Norway)
SFCGSoftware Functional Configuration Group
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SFCG asks how it is possible to change the tastes of an audience that favors violent video games by presenting views and lectures about conflict resolution as previously, when traditional peace-building activities don't seem to be appealing anymore.
SFCG is an international NGO that operates in 33 countries and aims to transform the way the world deals with conflict away from adversarial approaches towards co-operative solutions.
If the pilot programme proves successful, SFCG hopes to expand it to another 100 schools in the next three years.
Because SFCG is engaged in a long-term process of incremental transformation, we make long-term commitments.
Determined to appeal to young players' sense of fun, SFCG teamed up with Matsuko, the Slovakia-based company behind popular games such as "Assassin's Creed," to create a game that combined the organization's peace-building initiative with a sophisticated and enjoyable gaming format.
SFCG Pakistan Executive Director Ammara Durrani and SDPI Deputy Director Dr.
Japanese lender SFCG has filed for court protection with JPY338.
SFCG is involved in the Middle East, Indonesia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Recognizing the resilience and willingness of the Pakistani nation to find common ground, overcome the hurdles that lie ahead and preserve as a country that lives at peace with itself and with others, SFCG Pakistan has launched a Petition for Peace which seeks collaborative efforts for continued success and progress of our country.
March 2009 -- The bank's questionable purchases of loan claims from collapsed moneylender SFCG Co.
If the pilot program proves successful, SFCG hopes to expand it to another 100 schools in the next three years.