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In summary, this study reports that SFChT and CMT in patients with normal fundoscopy exam and significant ICA stenosis can be normal and may not change after ipsilateral CEA.
Table 3: CMT and SFChT comparison between the operated and nonoperated sides.
The mean SFChT values of the ICA stenosis groups were significantly lower than those of normal eyes (normal group SFChT = 287.44 [+ or -] 53.52 [micro]m; mild stenosis group SFChT = 227.00 [+ or -] 50.32 [micro]m; moderate stenosis group SFChT = 217.74 [+ or -] 54.73 [micro]m; and severe stenosis group SFChT =166.94 [+ or -] 51.95 [micro]m;p <0.001) (Table 4).
From this, we also determined that with an increased degree of ICA stenosis, the SFChT in the eye on the stenotic side was obviously decreased.
[20] reported that the mean SFChT was thicker among patients with hypercholesterolaemia.
We analysed all data in our study, the results showed that the outer retinal layer thickness and the SFChT of the ICA stenosis eyes were significantly lower than those in the normal group, and the decreased SFChT was consistent with the decreased blood flow of the posterior ciliary arteries.
The current research concerning SFChT was very limited, and the strength of our study is that it was the first to analyse the correlation between ocular haemodynamic parameters and SFChT.
The present study revealed that the mean PSV and EDV in the central retinal artery and posterior ciliary artery and the mean SFChT and outer retinal layers thickness of ICA eyes were significantly lower than those of normal eyes.