SFCTSanta Fe Conservation Trust (Santa Fe, NM)
SFCTSainsbury Family Charitable Trusts (UK)
SFCTSan Francisco Cruise Terminal, LLC
SFCTSmall Faces Charitable Trust (UK)
SFCTShanghai Feiyi Computational Technology (est. 1999; China)
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In our study, there was a negative correlation between SFCT and age, AL, SE, and cycloplegic refraction but a positive correlation with BCVA.
9 years) without macular diseases and found that in univariate analyses, BCVA (logMAR) was significantly correlated with thinner SFCT (r=-0.
04 um decrease in mean SFCT for each myopia diopter increase in our study.
SFCT and vessel diameter values are presented as mean [+ or -] standard deviation (SD).
Mean SFCT in CADASIL patients was significantly lower than that in controls.
There was no correlation between SFCT and the number of small infarcts, CMB numbers and Fazekas score in CADASIL patients [Table 2].
We used SFCT to evaluate the choroid because it is highly reproducible and is widely used in other small-vessel diseases.
More than 50 percent of the ground space in the SFCT proposal is earmarked for public open spaces, pedestrian walkways and promenades.
The SFCT design reconnects San Francisco to its roots -- its waterfront," Elkington said.
With increased focus from the SFCT, R&D tax offset claims will be scrutinised for blatant abuse.
Under the SFCT agencies can make better use of their resources, data-matching capabilities and intelligence-sharing relationships to uncover the most intricately planned tax fraud schemes, Minister ODwyer said.
In addition, AUSTRACs information has been used to support SFCT activities, with the taskforce raising $130 million in liabilities.