SFCUStanford Federal Credit Union
SFCUSouthern Federal Credit Union (various locations)
SFCUSpokane Federal Credit Union (Spokane, WA)
SFCUSno Falls Credit Union (Washington)
SFCUSikorsky Financial Credit Union
SFCUSlat Flap Control Unit
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The lawsuit has shed light on the long relationship between SFCU and The College Network, both of which the New York Attorney General named in a lawsuit in June.
The V-Agent has given us the flexibility of monitoring any and all isolated segments of our network, along with the advantage of very rapid deployment and recovery time," said Andrew Voorhies, Technology Operations Manager at SFCU.
The service launched in mid-August and SFCU said it expects 3% of its membership to be signed up by the end of this month.
VP of Operations, Keith Troup, decided that SFCU needed a lending system that could accept all its loan applications electronically and help automate approval processes.
Also, SFCU will be able to use any-to-any connectivity between remote and local employees and customers.
Sam Tuohey, VP of Information Services for SFCU, indicated that the database and software conversion took place over the Labor Day weekend with minimal member impact.
PassMarks give us an effective way to do so, one that's easy for our members to understand and to use," said SFCU President, John Davis.
SFCU already offers aggregation to its members, using a solution that originated with the former Teknowledge Corp.
SFCU account holders will also have access to the nation's premier consumer education program on identity theft threats and defenses.
The credit union also offered both existing and new members a chance to win $5,000 by closing an auto loan with SFCU for at least $10,000 during that same promotion period.
By mid-1994, SFCU became the first financial institution to launch a Web site and offer online Internet-based home banking.
Blum is the daughter of SFCU employee Marcelle Blum, and her River Oaks Elementary team known as Team Broaddus earned a second-place trophy for its humorous play submission, "The Lost Labor of Heracles.