SFCWStepped Frequency Continuous Wave
SFCWSustainable Forestry Certification Watch
SFCWSan Francisco Camerawork (San Francisco, CA)
SFCWSchools Funding Council for Wales (UK)
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By transmitting the SFCW signal, the FLGPVAR system achieves an ultra wide bandwidth signal, which is from 500 MHz to 2500 MHz with the frequency interval 2 MHz.
Lw ([dagger]) Ln UQLw SFCw VFIA ([double dagger]) 0.14 ([section]) 0.08 -0.22 -0.40 0.39 ([paragraph]) 0.61 0.17 <0.01 VFIB -0.23 -0.09 -0.28 -0.28 0.14 0.56 0.07 0.07 HFI -0.03 0.14 -0.11 -0.43 0.83 0.39 0.48 <0.01 BMP 0.10 0.15 0.08 -0.24 0.54 0.35 0.61 0.12 FLDP 0.37 0.25 0.41 0.05 -0.01 0.02 <0.01 0.65 SFCn MR UHM Str.
The polarimetric TWRI problem is formulated assuming the stepped-frequency continuous-wave (SFCW) radar operation.
A pulse synthesized, time domain approach relying on Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW) radar implemented in a phased array of antenna is proposed.
Although the above treatment is argued in the time domain, as the authors feel this approach is more intuitive, the proposed system uses SFCW to synthesize sharp pulses in the time domain [35] so the phased array focusing is carried out at each frequency step used in the SFCW system.
Such a frequency response is essential for obtaining a clean LTR from any excited metal targets, since a sharp, well defined pulse in the time domain can be synthesized by using SFCW techniques and will result in minimal interference with the target LTR (2) Each antenna is also assumed to have, for simplicity, zero gain, so that it radiates isotropically and the temporal pulse passed is identical in all directions.
Wang, "A SFCW radar for through wall imaging and motion detection," in Proceedings of the 14th European Microwave Week (EuMW '11), pp.
A Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW) was irradiated in each scan location.