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Centralized pre-approved contract templates mean that sales reps can access the most current contracts and addenda from within SFDC directly.
There are two SFDC applications: Tropos Mobile and Tropos Touch-Screen Data Capture.
On SFDC Free Dental Day, Friday February 13th from 10am- 3pm, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile for free.
eWizard is an integrated platform, providing expertise, embodied in the pre-designed templates, which turns even the non-technical SFDC users, as well as those companies who are not SFDC users yet, into the co-creators of the high-quality eContent.
I worry about a company that uses SFDC as an acronym for salesforce.
The ability to leave a voice memo on your mobile and have it immediately available in SFDC is huge
According to the report, "Wipro is a global leader in SFDC implementations and also the leader among the India-based firms.
com Secrets of Success has been an invaluable guide to many of our clients, and to thousands of other SFDC users around the world.
Advanced PIM Field Sync of SFDC Fields - Accounts - Contacts (All CRM Fields) - Tasks (All CRM Fields) - Calendar / Events (All CRM Fields) - Chatter for Outlook
8220;We've been dedicated to SFDC since 2005, and this focus has paid off in our clients' success over the years.
As we did in 2006, we attended DreamForce, participating in several analyst and VIP events, and meeting with SFDC executives, partners, and other analysts.