SFDLSimpler Free Documentation License
SFDLSecure Function Definition Language
SFDLSociété financière Desjardins-Laurentienne
SFDLSpatial Frequency Doubling Lithography
SFDLSet Financial Database Language
SFDLSame Frog/Different Location
SFDLSingle Fibre Dynamic Load
SFDLSymbolic Functional Description Language
SFDLSecurety For Data Loss
SFDLSundaram Finance Distribution Limited (India)
SFDLSouth Florida Descent League
SFDLStructure and Function Description Language
SFDLSimple Form Definition Language (Polytechnic University of Madrid; Spain)
SFDLSecurity Federal Corporation (stock symbol)
SFDLSix Flags Darien Lake (Darien Center, New York)
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Subjects either returned to the center or a research associate visited their homes to remove the SFDL and its sensors.
The data collection program running on the SFDL was written in TFBASIC from Onset Computer Corp (Bourne, Massachusetts).
The data analysis and reduction program was written in MATLAB (The MathWorks Inc; Natick, Massachusetts), which read the data file downloaded from the SFDL and calculated all variables of interest of wheelchair occupancy, usage patterns of seating functions, and characteristics of usage patterns.
To calculate the time spent in seating positions known to fall within the three categories, we compared actual seating positions recorded by the SFDL with the seating positions recorded during the pressure-mapping procedure.
The unobtrusive SFDL device and the methodology described in the study could enhance wheelchair provision clinical practice, resulting in better compliance and appropriate use among wheelchair users who are prescribed power wheelchairs with such seating functions.
Possible improvements should be made to the existing SFDL as well.