SFDMSyphon Filter Dark Mirror (game, Sony)
SFDMSan Francisco, del Monte (Quezon City, Philippines)
SFDMSchool of Film and Digital Media
SFDMShop Floor Data Management
SfDMSupport for Decentralisation Measures (Indonesia)
SFDMSerum-Free Defined Media
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Shop Floor Data Manager, Shop Floor Line Manager, SFDM, and SFLM are trademarks of GenRad, Inc.
Seamlessly linked, SFLM and SFDM provide visibility of the entire product build cycle from line monitoring up through the MES to its integration point with an organization's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
The link between Manufacturing Control, Execution and Planning that the SFDM interface to R/3 provides will help our customers to improve their manufacturing capability and competitive position.
SFDM provides user scalability; and facilitates full enterprise interoperability.
We view the implementation of SFDM as being crucial in this regard, for reducing the risks and support costs of trying to integrate disparate systems, and streamlining data access for critical decision support," he said.
AVEX is a supplier to several other ICC customers who make electronic products, so the potential for ICC to be an integral participant in supply chain management to several ICC customers through SFDM is an exciting prospect for us.
SFDM is a workflow-enabled, full-function, integrated manufacturing execution system that provides a real-time view of all factory operations.
It is also the standard for Compaq's cell manufacturing operations in Scotland, with pilots underway to extend SFDM as the global standard for cell manufacturing in all Compaq manufacturing facilities worldwide.
NeoMedia Technologies selected ICC's SFDM product as the best of breed MES solution for this market," Traylor said.
Genrad's SFDM is used by Sun for manufacturing control, and a full Java version (SFDM 5.
GenRad's SFDM application will be deployed subsequently in Celestica plants worldwide.
GenRad's SFDM helps electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers improve their time-to-market, time-to-volume and quality challenges by enabling them to monitor and control their manufacturing processes.