SFDSSociete Francaise de Statistique (French: Statistical Society of France; Paris, France)
SFDSSaint Francis de Sales
SFDSSecondary Flight Display System (Meggitt Avionics)
SFDSSecure File Delivery System
SFDSSanitary Facility Data System (EPA)
SFDSStandby Fighter Director Ship
SFDSStrike Force Data System
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The primary outcome of SFDs was selected in consultation with a wide range of parents and other stakeholders for the parent trial (Shelef et al., 2016).
Generally, SFDs incorporate an oil film to provide load support with a suitable damping action.
[f.sup.sfd.sub.Nx] [f.sup.sfd.sub.Ny] is the nonlinear force vector exerted by SFDs which can be calculated with (13a), (13b), (13c), (13d), and (13e).
In our previous studies we looked at conceptual links between SD and ORM [37] mapped ORM and SD elements [38], investigated the update behavior of SD and ORM [36] and studied the transformation of an ORM model into a SFD [39].
Converting CLDs to SFDs would be a great means to observe the model baseline behaviors.
A specially designed RNN is equivalent to a traditional stock-flow diagram (SFD) for an SDM (Chen, 2001; Chen and Jeng, 2002; Jeng and Chen, 2003).
The selected boxes had consistently high densities throughout the study so that SFDs could be arranged with an adequate number of individuals to calculate density of individuals in each age category, after converting from size to age using inverse prediction through von Bertalanffy growth equations parameterized for those beds (Lomovasky et al.
Known as the switching field distribution (SFD), this limits how close the dots can be packed.
EDC selected Met Council and SFDS from a previous RFP to develop the site and is now seeking to identify a development partner to complete the development team.
Such programs have traditionally been geared toward single-family dwellings (SFDs); conventional doctrine has been that recycling activity is likely to be limited in multifamily dwellings (MFDs).