SFECSouth Florida Education Center (Davie, FL)
SFECSustainable Forests Education Cooperative (est. 1997; College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences; University of Minnesota; Cloquet, MN)
SFECSuper Forward Error Correction (Sycamore)
SFECSource Coding Based Forward Error Correction
SFECSociété Française d'Edition et de Communication (French: French Publishing and Communication Company)
SFECSociété Francilienne Exploitation Chauffage (French heating company)
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Due to static nature of the SFEC, the SFEC schemes provide almost constant throughput efficiency over the SNR.
We ran an experiment with other SFECs from the code set space in Table 2.
3) Excludes approximately $191 million of SFEC Zero Coupon Notes due December 1999 which have been covenant defeased, and the funds for repayment of which are held in escrow.
Before deducting offering expenses, the total price to the public, underwriting discounts and commissions and proceeds to SFEC are $170,000,000, $4,675,000 and $165,325,000, respectively.