SFEMStochastic Finite Element Method
SFEMSocial Firms East Midlands (UK)
SFEMScanning Field Emission Microscopy
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In figure 6, the domains of the orderly SFEM Randcastle Elongator were half the diameter of the disorderly CRTS.
In terms of dispersity, the orderly SFEM mixer is also significantly better than the twin; note that dispersity is on the log scale, so at least 50% better.
StemSpan SFEM II provides on average 40 percent higher expansion of hematopoietic progenitors compared to six leading commercially available serum-free media from different suppliers.
The private sector initially welcomed the introduction of SFEM as a core element in the economic restructuring process.
The Dow study also used a Randcastle single-screw extruder with similar mixing geometry to determine that the "SFEM's primary deformation mode is elongational (as opposed to shear-dominated)," and added that "a single-screw extruder equipped with SFEM mixing elements achieved even finer dispersion, usually achievable only with twin-screw extruders.
Once the platoon linked with the 41st FAB south of An Najaf, the SFEM began a baseline for a third-order network (a third-order point provides an 8-digit grid coordinate).
Luo and Tanner [6] developed SFEM for the swell problem without recirculation flows.
The company's StemSpan products include StemSpan SFEM, SttemSpan H3000, and StemSpan ACF for ex vivvo expansion of hematopoietic progenitor cells.
See Luo and Tanner for a full account of SFEM (17).
This paper also presents mixing tests performed with the original SSE using a newly designed SFEM (hereafter SFEM-II).
At Antec 2008, a novel screw was introduced called the Elongator which has spiral flutes and elongational flow, hereafter the SFEM.