SFEMStochastic Finite Element Method
SFEMSocial Firms East Midlands (UK)
SFEMScanning Field Emission Microscopy
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In figure 6, the domains of the orderly SFEM Randcastle Elongator were half the diameter of the disorderly CRTS.
To explore the direct radioprotective effect of HW, c-[kit.sup.+] cells were cultured with hydrogenrich SFEM medium 10 min before 4 Gy IR, and then we detected ROS level and DNA damage 18 hours and 0.5 hours after IR, respectively.
Lam, "Theoretical aspects of the smoothed finite element method (SFEM)," International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, vol.
SFEM is an extension of the classical FEM to stochastic framework.
It is clearly seen from the table that the error norm [L.sub.2] obtained by the SFEM is smaller than those given in [13,14,17,18] whereas the error norm [L.sub.[infinity]] is very close to those given in [14,17,18].
Restrictive monetary policy in Nigeria during the 1980s became accentuated with the introduction of the second-tier foreign exchange market (SFEM), primarily to moderate inflationary pressures likely to accompany its introduction.
Mahmoud, "Spectral SFEM analysis of structures with stochastic parameters under stochastic excitation," Structural Engineering and Mechanics, vol 28, no.
announced the launch of StemSpan SFEM II, a new hematopoietic stem cell expansion medium for maximum expansion of CD34+ cells from human cord blood and bone marrow.
Savola Food Company also owns 95.4 per cent of Savola Foods Emerging Markets (SFEM) Company (Edible Oils) with plants in Algeria, Sudan and Morocco.
He also announced the adoption of Second-tier Foreign Exchange Market (SFEM) in his address to the nation on June 27, 1986.
Stephane Costeux, discussed the results of mixing tests using Randcastle's SFEM series batch mixers versus a batch-mixing bowl, both running TPO blends of 70% polypropylene and 30% ethylene copolymers.
--using author's own algorithm based on stiff finite elements method (SFEM) related to Mathematica[R].