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SFEMGSingle Fiber Electromyography
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Since there was no evidence of CNS pathology, to verify the possibility that the fatigability of mice injected with AQP4 peptide or NMO-Ig originated from neuromuscular junction pathology using a nonbiased test, the mice were tested for their response to RNS and SFEMG. Compound muscle action potentials (CMAPs) from the gastrocnemius muscle were recorded in naive mice injected with NMO-Ig or AQP4 peptide alone and compared to EAMGand CFA-injected mice.
Concentric needle stimulation SFEMG was performed on the same mice groups described above; the mean jitter values (mean MCD) of CFA-injected mice, EAMG mice, and mice injected with NMO-Ig or AQP4 peptide alone were calculated.
SFEMG has been suggested as a quantitative method for supporting chronic partial denervation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by the revised EI Escorial criteria.[sup][9] Due to progressive denervation and reinnervation, immature nerve terminals, and impaired transmission in the endplates, SFEMG in ALS patients showed increased jitter and fiber density (FD), which reflected the neuromuscular junction transmission failure and reinnervation condition due to the progression of ALS.
Normal jitter values for voluntary activated periocular muscles have been established in the literature for the SFEMG electrode (6).
Only patients who had SFEMG studies in the EDC muscle during the initial examination and pure ocular muscle weakness were included in the study.